Commercial Photographer

for Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington DC.

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Commercial photography focusing on architectural photography, food photography, portraits, black and white photography and product photography.

  • Commercial Photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Celebrity Photography
  • Catalogs, Editorial and Product Photography
  • Location Shooting
  • Digital Postproduction

Our focus is you.

Whether it's people, food, products, or architecture, Direction One offers the best in commercial photography.

With over 18 years of commercial photography experience, Direction One has shot an amazing variety of subjects. We deliver the images you want for advertising, editorial, an annual report, a catalog, or the web.

We're client-centered, enjoy collaborative problem solving and working on challenging projects. We thrive on fostering long-term relationships with our commercial photography clients and helping them to grow their businesses.

If you'd like a reference from one of our clients, please ask! We are happy to provide this information to you.

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